Chairman’s Message

Piyush Upadhyay

( Chairman )

The word "Purity" is the ethos of the Indian culture and we are proud to have created an organization that stands to be a testimony of Purity. Since inception the company has grown from a small beginning into a leading integrated milk and dairy products company in Central Uttar Pradesh region.

In rapidly growing Indian economy, the demand for quality dairy products in the market is a mammoth opportunity and we see this trend growing promptly. Recently, the need for quality products has tremendously increased in the global market, due to the entry of substandard dairy products. Nowadays, consumers want and seek higher quality products, and that is the opportunity gap, we at Shudh Milk serve to bridge.We believe in forward thinking, innovation and a constant want to achieve. We rely on our in-depth knowledge of the local market, and the ability to forecast and respond to customer expectations, which will lead us to high levels of customer satisfaction. The reason for our success these years are our core values imbibed fiercely in to our team has not only helped us to shape our destiny, but also have reposed our customers’ faith in us.

With over a century old experience and a clear understanding of the farmland resources, the cattle grazing habitats that define the input quality milk, the CSR activities of the organization, dairy education for quality delivery as well as keeping time with technological advancements and process automation.


Pyarepur Saraiya, Safdarganj, Barabanki (Uttar Pradesh) 225412

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